Riding a mountain bike through a dirt trail is one of the best ways to get some exercise and fresh air in the outdoors. It's no wonder that mountain bikes are gaining popularity as an outdoor sport.
Mountain bikes are the heavier, tougher cousins of road bikes of Tour de France fame. Unlike a road bike, a mountain bike has wider, knobby tires for better traction and shock absorption. Additionally, mountain bikes can ride through and over rugged terrain and obstacles and receive heavier poundings that will send a road bike to the bike shop. It is these traits that make a mountain bike so popular.
When shopping for a mountain, these days, front suspension is the norm on a mountain bike while full suspension on a mountain bike is quite common. Suspensions will help absorb many of the shocks and bumps of dirt trails or the rocky and rugged mountains that the mountain bike is named for.
Although heavier than road bikes, mountain bikes are getting lighter with composites than their predecessors but still remain tough. Additionally, disc brakes are also starting to become the norm on a mountain bike as disc brakes offer better stopping power under adverse conditions than rim brakes but add an increased in price and weight to the mountain bike.
Mountain bikes like all bikes will always continue to evolve and change but what matters is finding a good mountain bike for you now for the lowest and cheapest prices so you can blaze downhill with confident and the right mountain bike. Whether you are looking for an entry level mountain bike or an advanced full suspension composite mountain bike, www.mtbikeauction.com will help you find cheap brand mountain bikes.